Anonymous asked:

The second Vegas show tonight was one of the most incredible experience I've been a part of. His voice is flawless and he's /real/ and it was worth every SECOND of my 7hr drive. And he sang 'hit me baby one more time' for his song choice and it was amazing haha. I was in reserved seats and I was the ONLY one standing in my section and I couldn't care less what ppl thought of me or what I looked like. I am STILL BUZZING from it. Thank you for all the help with your blog! :)

usasheeran answered:

Don’t worry it’s totally fine that you are the only one standing in your area, you came there to enjoy the show so they can’t say anything about that :P 

I was also really glad that he choose to sing that again, I have eternal love for that cover.

I hope you got enough rest and I’m sure Ed appreciates all the effort you did to be in that show! Thank you very much :’)

-Kim x